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LAURENT MARTIN ‘LO’: Celestial Equilibrium

May 23 - July 20
Laurent Martin 'Lo'

The French sculptor skillfully manipulates bamboo to create sculptures that exude an otherworldly grace. Drawing inspiration from the Universe itself, Lo’s profound understanding of bamboo’s qualities and his exploration of tension, balance, and movement culminate in visually captivating and conceptually rich artworks. Coinciding with The French May, this exhibition invites viewers on a sensory journey, immersing them in the delicate interplay of materials, light, and air.

Witness the poetic dance of planets and stars in perfect equilibrium, gracefully swaying and casting enchanting shadows. Through his mastery of bamboo’s flexibility, resistance, and lightness, the artist defies gravity and creates sculptures that draw curves and harmony in the air. The exhibition establishes a dialogue where the surrounding space becomes an integral part of each piece, offering a thousand different perspectives.