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Andrea Marie Breiling: Kissing the Glass

June 7 - July 20
Andrea Marie Breiling

Known for her large-scale spray-paint paintings, the American contemporary painter is known for large atmospheric works created with spray paint and dye, which exhibit a fluid energy that shows the physicality behind her creative process. The exhibition offers a romantic and intensely feminine tribute to Paris through a collection of new works saturated in vibrant pinks, shimmering purples, and deep magentas.

The artist’s creative journey marks a significant departure in embracing colour field abstraction, moving away from previous gestural techniques. Her use of controlled spray paint applications alongside spontaneous drips and smears reflects profound emotional connection to Paris and its timeless feminine allure. Through these techniques, she captures both the structured beauty of urban landscapes and the fluidity of emotional experiences, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in artist’s personal interpretation of the city’s essence and romance.



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Almine Rech Paris (Turenne)
64 Rue de Turenne
Paris, 75003 France

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