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Tracing Peach Blossom Spring

May 8 - August 31
Zhou Li


Chinese contemporary artist, Zhou Li, is known for her lyrical abstract paintings that begin from natural observations, and also capture her keen sense of the world. This solo project uses Tao Yuanming’s ‘The Peach Blossom Spring’ from the Eastern Jin Dynasty (266-420 AD) as a fulcrum for the ’visionary’ concept to trace the emotional experience of the historical process. Zhou’s mixed-media works and paintings take nature as a starting point, emphasising the resonance with the notion of ‘traces of emotions’. 


Presented in pink tones throughout the space, this is an alternative immersive exhibition that lets visitors come experience the vision of Chinese poet, Tao Yuanming’s fable, ‘The Peach Blossom Spring’, leading them to an ethereal utopia – where the people led an ideal harmonious existence with nature, unaware of the outside world for centuries. Visitors are thus given a unique and non-replicable emotional experience of nature while also exploring Zhou’s distinct painterly language.


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