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The Wild and the Tame

June 11 - September 3
Various Artists


The group exhibition features the works of six artists who explore the themes of nature and human interaction with nature through their work. Displayed through a series of paintings, the artists create a conversation about how we interact with our natural environment in the modern-day, and how our belief in magic is actually harmful at times. 


The topic of discussion brought about in the works is especially poignant in today’s day and age. With our extreme exploitation of the world’s resources, we’ve put off pertinent issues such as overconsumption and the damage caused by the belief that a miracle or magic will fix our problems. Through this exhibition, the artists make the viewers aware of the problems caused by our exploitation as well as critique the idea of magic.



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Denny Dimin Gallery
612 Remex Centre, 42 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong Hong Kong

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