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The Road to the Baroque – Masterpieces from the Capodimonte Museum

July 15 - November 2
Various Artists

Organised by the museum in collaboration with the Capodimonte Museum in Italy, the exhibition features around forty late Renaissance works from northern and central Italy, as well as Neapolitan Baroque masterpieces never before shown in Hong Kong. Drawn from the museum’s two major nuclei – the Farnese Collection and the Bourbon Collection – these works highlight striking paintings of legendary masters, such as Titian, El Greco, Parmigianino, Annibale Carracci and Artemisia Gentileschi.

Characterised by dramatic contrasts between light and dark, exaggerated movements and pronounced facial expressions, 17th century Baroque art focused on high tension and realistic representations of emotions, which this exhibition encapsulates. Viewers can immerse themselves in experiencing the charm and grandeur of Baroque art with compelling and authentic masterpieces by Italian Baroque painters dwelling on the themes of religion, saints, mythology, still life and landscape.