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The Paradox of Beauty

September 16, 2022 - November 19, 2022
Jeong Myoung-Jo

Contemporary Korean hyperrealist painter, Jeong Myoung-Jo, was inspired to pursue art by the beauty of Korean traditional clothing. In her first solo exhibition, eleven signature oeuvres of the artist are highlighted, depicting women in traditional Korean finery – the hanbok – across different seasons of life and class. The exhibition invites you to ponder the deeper meaning of the significance of the hanbok, and what it represents.

What does it mean to look at the rear view of a woman in a beautiful hanbok? At this exhibition, you’re invited to re-examine the historical notions of conventional female beauty, as well as the hidden faces of the women who wear them. In Jeong’s series, there is a deeper meaning beyond the surface colours, patterns and aesthetics. Taking into consideration the background of the painting, dress, hairstyle, jewellery, and various motifs presented, the viewer gets to interpret the painting within the context of society and history, given the historical oppression of Korean women.


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