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February 13 - March 5
Various Artists (curated by Kyle Chung)

‘SerendiCity’ is a media arts festival that offers an exciting series of free, avant-garde multi-sensory experiences, commissioned for specific sites around the district. Taking place indoors and outdoors and across different locations (including online), it features large-scale immersive experiential installations, interactive art, performances, games, and web shows that discuss new perspectives on technology, art, and urban lifestyles.
Artists include Dan Acher, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Robert Seidel, Chilai Howard, Mak2, Vvzela Kook, Enoch Cheng, Lukas Truniger, and Team 9 x Milo Tse.
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Curated by Kyle Chung, the works presented in this festival change the way people view art. For three consecutive weeks, see the night skies above the Great Lawn of the Art Park transformed by ‘Borealis’, a vibrant recreation of the Northern Lights by Swiss artist, Dan Acher. Nearby, Berlin-based artist, Robert Seidel’s ‘Petrichor’ reshapes the Dry Riverbed with a luminous digital landscape that immerses visitors in an alternative world of hybrid digital flora and artificial mist. At the Xiqu Centre, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s ‘Biometric Theatre’ presents a series of audience-centred interactive installations, including a suspended landscape of light bulbs that pulsates to the rhythm of visitor heartbeats.view art through variety and novelty. Pushing the boundaries of art, these works are engaging and create a rapport with the audience.