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Roll Call: First Edition

November 12, 2022 - December 3, 2022
Various Artists

This is the first edition of ‘Roll Call’, a recurring exhibition that showcases artwork by the current artists in the gallery’s roster while also introducing the gallery’s newer and more up-and-coming artists. The exhibition features a number of works from the different artists covering a number of mediums, from oil paintings to photography on archival prints to sculpture, with each artist adding to the wealth of talent on the gallery’s roster.

The gallery presents a diverse selection of creative works, and the exhibition is the perfect showcase of all the talent the gallery has cultivated. With the launch of the OAE store, gallery-goers will also get to purchase different prints and art merchandise.


  • This event has passed.


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H307 Block B PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street
Central, Hong Kong Hong Kong

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