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My Hong Kong

September 3 - October 15
Various Artists

Comprising works by 13 Hong Kong and international photographers, this exhibition jointly presented by Boogie Woogie Photography and PhotogStory focuses on the story of Hong Kong as a city, seen from 13 different perspectives. Even though some of the photography artists hail from countries as far away as France and the UK, nonetheless they succeed in capturing the essence of Hong Kong across different periods and places, as seen through their lenses.

Kindly note the gallery opening hours of 2pm-7pm.
RSVP recommended: info@bewephoto.com

‘Each city has a story to tell’. Curated by both Boogie Woogie Photography and PhotogStory, visit this unique showcase to see Hong Kong from different perspectives. Go back in time to the 1950s to see Raymond Cauchetier’s and James Chung’s cityscapes and to relive their visual stories; and see also other works by younger and emerging talents. The exhibition not only presents the city’s past and present, but also embraces the city’s diversity through the photographers’ eyes.