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Midnight Sun

September 15 - October 29
Tang Kwong San

Born in China and educated in Hong Kong and Australia, the artist’s newest exhibition focuses on his interest in darkness and how light illuminates his subjects. Often deploying flash photography at night as part of his creative process, and thus exposing light on objects that can be found along the street, the artist’s recreation of these subjects on canvas is a much lengthier process. The realisation allows Tang to retreat to his internal dialogue between gazing, which is intuitive, and his impulse to create harmonic scenery. Inspired by the way that light can shape how we view objects, the artist focuses on flash, the titular midnight sun, in the darkness and how darkness can shape our perception of the world.

Inspired by other works of art that showcase how light can illuminate the world (such as ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper) as well as LED lights, the artist manipulates the use of light to convey his intention. In the exhibition curated by Jims Lam, he takes photos of mundane objects while using darkness to camouflage the elements of nature including trees, in order to prove a larger point about capitalism and how it has shifted our focus to material goods rather than the natural world around us.



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Contemporary by Angela Li
248 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Hong Kong

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