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Fusion 2

March 15 - June 25
Various Artists

In collaboration with the Arkad Foundation in Italy, the unique collaborative sculpture exhibition showcases the works of 10 talented young artists from around the world who have come together to explore the concept of ‘fusion’. The project involves combining and integrating the mediums of marble and wood in the sculptures, with the Italian sculptors primarily working in marble and Hong Kong sculptors working in wood. The presentation features not only the 10 ‘fusion’ sculptures created, but also 20 new smaller sculptures produced by the same exhibiting artists using marble and wood.

The exhibition is a continuation of sorts of the first ‘Fusion’ exhibition that took place in 2021.

As its name suggests, the special exhibition is a unique collaboration between Hong Kong and Italian artists, giving birth to artistic sensitivity and inspiration during the challenging times of the pandemic. The artists not only worked on their own sculptures, but also collaborated with their preferred partners during the creative process. As such, the presentation is also the result of an unprecedented collaboration between artists who have accepted, with humility and enthusiasm, to place their creations in the hands of another artist they have never met. The resulting artworks are both delightful and inspirational.